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Prescription Drugs


The Assistance Fund helps patients who have government sponsored insurance but cannot afford the co-pay for specialty medications for certain chronic and life threatening illnesses. To find out if your illness is covered and if you are eligible, call the toll-free number (855) 845-3663 or view their website


You may want to read our guide, Understanding Prescription Drug Costs.


The following website can help you compare drug prices and find the pharmacies in your community that sell particular drugs at lower cost.

The prices are the “usual and customary prices,” also known as retail prices, reported monthly by pharmacies.  This is what an uninsured consumer, with no discount or drug coverage, would pay.  The prices can change throughout the month, so after viewing the prices you may want to double check with the pharmacy.  To view the website, click


The Patient Advocate Foundation has the Co-Pay Relief Program that provides direct co-payment help for prescription drugs for Americans with health insurance who need help with their drug co-pay and who financially and medically qualify, including persons covered by a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan.  Call them toll-free at (866) 512-3861, or to view their website click


Some drug companies have programs that offer low or no cost medicines to low-income individuals.  Ask your pharmacist or doctor about possible programs or do a search on the Internet for the companies that make your medications.  You can also check the following non-governmental websites that offer links to a wide selection of patient assistance programs:

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America,, toll-free (888) 477-2669

Needy Meds,


The Florida Discount Drug Card can help people save money on prescription drugs. To learn more go to or call the toll-free number (866) 341-8894 or TTY (866) 763-9630.


If you are covered by Medicare, you can also apply for the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug benefit.  This is an insurance benefit to help people with Medicare pay for prescription drugs and is provided through Medicare approved private health plans.  For more information call the toll-free number (800) 633-4227 or TTY (877) 486-2048, or to view the website click

People with limited income and resources may qualify for extra help with prescription drug costs under the Medicare Prescription Drug benefit.  To see if you qualify for this extra help contact the Social Security Administration.  You can phone them toll-free at (800) 772-1213 or TTY (800) 325-0778, or to view the website click  If you receive Medicaid, you automatically qualify for the extra help.


For people 55 years or older, the National Council on Aging has a website that has referrals to government programs that help with the cost of prescription drugs, health care, rent, utilities, property taxes, meals, and other needs.  You can complete a brief questionnaire on the website and obtain a report on all the programs you might be eligible for and instructions how to enroll.  To view the website, click


This program helps eligible seniors, 60 years or older, enroll in programs that help with the cost of prescription drugs.  To qualify you need to have no insurance coverage for prescription drugs.  For more information call the toll-free Florida Dept. of Elder Affairs’Helpline (800) 963-5337, or to view their website click


Be sure to look at the other topics listed in the Medical Help Section by clicking Referral Links.

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