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Street Address

Phone: (954) 920-1988
County: Broward

Emergency Actions:

Legal SanctionStatusBegin DateEnd Date
Moratorium Lifted 04/25/2016 06/30/2016
Moratorium Lifted 04/14/2015 07/01/2016
Moratorium Lifted 01/25/2013 03/27/2013
Facility/Provider Type: Assisted Living Facility
Financial Officer: SHERLYN POWELL
Owner/Licensee: ANDIES, INC.
Controlling Interest for ANDIES, INC.
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AHCA Number (File Number): 11910751
License Number: 6122
License Status: LIC SURRENDER
Closed Date: 6/30/2016

Legal Actions

Date ImposedCase #Case TypeViolationFine Amount
12/23/2016 2016005385 License SurrenderSurvey N/A
04/25/2016 2015004217 License SurrenderSurvey N/A
04/25/2016 2016004736 MoratoriumSurvey N/A
04/25/2016 2014009956 FineApplication $12,500.00
04/25/2016 2014009956 License SurrenderApplication N/A
04/25/2016 2015004217 FineSurvey $12,500.00
04/14/2015 2015003764 MoratoriumSurvey N/A
04/08/2013 2013002133 Deny License ModificationApplication N/A
03/11/2013 2013001571 FineSurvey $7,000.00
01/25/2013 2013000882 MoratoriumSurvey N/A
06/21/2005 2004004328 FineSurvey $2,500.00

Please note the legal actions displayed may have been issued to a prior owner. The Final Order displays the name of the licensee responsible for the legal action that was taken.

Attn Providers: Requests for changes in data must be sent in writing to the AHCA licensing office.
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